Direct Insurance Billing

Once our customer’s sign for the job, Temecula Water Damage Restoration is so confident about their experience and expertise, they will begin working on remediation, at their expense and risk, within 24 hours. From the moment we arrive, we digitally document all damages. And if necessary, we will assist you in the process of filling out damage assessment forms detailing the value and cost of your property in the exact format required by a wide range of insurance providers.

We are the customer’s advocate

“Temecula Water Damage Restoration: Temecula water damage and restoration services knew the claims submittal process for our insurance company better than the adjuster assigned to our claim. The result was a more equitable settlement, faster.”

Homeowner, Temecula, CA

Temecula Water Damage Restoration will attempt to address some common questions regarding property restoration and the insurance industry.

Q: Do I have to work with the restoration company my insurance agent recommended?
A: Insurance companies are permitted to recommend preferred restoration vendors, however they cannot require you to use a specific firm. You can choose to work with Mission Restoration or any licensed restoration contractors.

Q: My basement has water damage, am I covered?
A: Your policy will spell out the specifics of your homeowners insurance coverage. Most insurance policies cover “sudden and accidental occurrences” that damage your home and property.

Q: I don’t want to contact my insurance company and would prefer to pay out of pocket, is this ok?
A: Mission Restoration will work with you or your insurance company at your discretion.

Temecula Water Damage Restoration works directly with most insurance carriers. We will work with you or your insurance company at your preference. We can coordinate the restoration project from start to finish on your behalf.

We will prepare a professional detailed assessment or invoice for your insurance carrier. Temecula Water Damage Restoration utilizes software which is widely accepted by insurance carriers. We will make sure your claim is represented accurately so you can get your home or business back to its pre-loss condition as soon as possible.